Talking about Race in Maine

I have always been compelled by differences.  It is one of the factors that led me to teaching.  In my first years, I taught in a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.  My students were African American, Puerto Rican, Dominican and West Indian. None of my students were white.  They were energetic, curious, and challenging. […]


Space Camp

As an adult, it’s hard to find time for imagination and discovery.  It’s even more remarkable to have an experience which allows you to suspend disbelief; where curiosity and wonder come to guide you.  This is why Space Camp is amazing.  You are in a place where you can almost believe that you are going to the moon. […]

Washington Week

I am back in foggy Maine after a week of celebrating teachers in Washington, D.C.  It all began with an evening reception at the Vice President’s home, followed by days of policy briefings, storytelling, networking, and most amazingly, a ceremony honoring teachers at the White House.  So here is the deal with all of this: […]

5 Ways to Spark Curiosity

This frigid afternoon, my seven year old bundled up and hiked into the woods behind our house.  He followed animal tracks, and shook the tree branches so that snow would plop down on his head.  He strapped on snowshoes and stomped out a trail that wove through fallen trees and prickle bushes.  The cold was […]